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No more being in the dark with regards to your child's GCSEs!

TuitionKit allows you to give your child all the learning they need at the touch at your fingertips. You can check in at anytime to see what they've done and set them learning schedules, knowing that all the material they need to know is on our site!

As a parent who wants nothing but success for their child, are you paying for private tuition? Stocking up on text books and practice papers? TuitionKit not only offers you and your child the ability to revise and learn at a fraction of the cost of tutors and books, but also to access this revision anytime, anywhere via their computer or mobile device. Board specific videos ensure your child receives targeted information, created specifically to aid them in getting great grades at GCSE. They'll even be able to test their knowledge.

Give your child the ultimate revision tool today!

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English, Maths & Science

Worried about your exams? Don't be; TuitionKit has thousands of videos and resources across English, Maths and Science to help you get the marks you need.

  • English

    • 650+ videos
    • 5 exam boards
    • Literature and Language
    • Downloads & resources
  • Maths

    • 1,000+ videos
    • 6 exam boards
    • GCSE & A-Level
    • Downloads & resources
  • Science

    • 1,000+ videos
    • 6 exam boards
    • Biology, Chemistry and Physics
    • Downloads & resources

Try a sample video, or browse them all!

  • English/Key Skills for Writing Writing a Newspaper Article

  • Maths/Geometry What is Trigonometry?

  • Science/Biology Microscopy

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Cool learning Tools

  • Structure your revision around a timeframe that works by creating Learning Schedules of videos.

  • Create and share in-video questions and reminders to track learning.These pop up as the video plays.

  • Import videos from YouTube and use them with Video Events, Learning Schedules and all other features.

  • Create Audio Notes and Audio Questions for yourself or your students, recorded via your mic.

  • Watch the right videos in the right order with our pre-made Video Courses, designed by our expert tutors.

  • Track student progress - share Video Event questions and Learning Schedules with them and track their activity.


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Teacher tools

Track and interact with your students using our awesome teacher tools.

  • Track students' progress in detail
  • Organise students into classes
  • Create and share Learning Schedules
  • Create and share in-video questions
  • Import and share videos from YouTube
  • Respond to notifications and messages

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