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English, Maths & Science

Worried about your exams? Don't be; TuitionKit has thousands of videos and resources across English, Maths and Science to help you get the marks you need.

  • English

    • 650+ videos
    • 5 exam boards
    • Literature and Language
    • Downloads & resources
  • Maths

    • 1,000+ videos
    • 6 exam boards
    • GCSE & A-Level
    • Downloads & resources
  • Science

    • 1,000+ videos
    • 6 exam boards
    • Biology, Chemistry and Physics
    • Downloads & resources

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  • English/Key Skills for Writing Writing a Newspaper Article

  • Maths/Geometry What is Trigonometry?

  • Science/Biology Microscopy

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Cool learning Tools

  • Structure your revision around a timeframe that works by creating Learning Schedules of videos.

  • Create and share in-video questions and reminders to track learning.These pop up as the video plays.

  • Import videos from YouTube and use them with Video Events, Learning Schedules and all other features.

  • Create Audio Notes and Audio Questions for yourself or your students, recorded via your mic.

  • Watch the right videos in the right order with our pre-made Video Courses, designed by our expert tutors.

  • Track student progress - share Video Event questions and Learning Schedules with them and track their activity.


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Teacher tools

Track and interact with your students using our awesome teacher tools.

  • Track students' progress in detail
  • Organise students into classes
  • Create and share Learning Schedules
  • Create and share in-video questions
  • Import and share videos from YouTube
  • Respond to notifications and messages

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