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TuitionKit is a treasure trove of video-based tuition for learning core school subjects.

With oodles of videos, all produced by qualified specialists and teachers in their respective fields, we have everything you need to ace your revision.

Our videos are broken down by topic, board and model answers so you can access the specific areas you need. If it’s coming up in your exam, we’ve got a video for it.

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Our students say it best...

Check out some of the great testimonials and comments our students have left us after using TuitionKit to maximise their revision:

Very clear and nicely presented...defo a thumbs up from me : )

Lisa Riccobono - Statistics Intro - Types of Data

Thank-you so much this was extremely helpful!

Daniele Ceccarelli - A* Exemplar Model Answer: AQA Question 1 (GCSE English Language)

Brilliant Video, worth a watch, your voice is relaxing, and you flow from each point to the next really smoothly, love it!

Jalkurt - To Kill a Mockingbird - Notes and Essay Plans

This was a GREAT video!!!!!! Of all my years of statistics and biostats I've NEVER had it explained so plainly and well demonstrated.

Tenya Steele - T-Test with Paired (Dependent) Samples

Thank you! After watching 5 videos and still not understanding inverse and direct proportion I can now actually do it! This was a very helpful video. Thank you again!

Billie McCurdie - Direct and Inverse Proportion

Thank you so much for these videos. I'm impressed with the clear and interesting break-down of problems.

Jack Brown - BODMAS (Order of Operations)

This is revision at its finest...

SlowKingGamer - To Kill a Mockingbird - Notes and Essay Plans

Awesome video. Helped me a lot in understanding. Really gave me a great head start even before my teacher explained. THANK YOU!

Creatro Tera - Direct and Inverse Proportion

What you want to learn, how you want to learn it

Our content is organised in multiple ways to allow you to learn how you want to learn. For school subjects this means you can browse by topic, exam board or model answer.

Interactive features to help you learn

TuitionKit makes revision easy and friendly. A unique interactive and gamified environment eases you into your studies and rewards you at each step!

  • Badges

    Earn badges as you learn

    Get badges to mark your learning milestones

  • Courses & Schedules

    Arrange your learning through Courses and Learning Schedules

    A great way to organise your revision

  • Video Events

    Use in-video events such as questions and hints

    Create Video Events to set prompts and challenges for your students - or yourself

  • Conversations

    Conversations between students and teachers

    Students and teachers can communicate via our Conversations System

  • My Videos

    Import videos from YouTube to learn anything you like

    Import videos from YouTube and use them with our interactive learning features

  • Audio recording

    Record audio notes for your students (teachers only)

    Record audio notes direct from your mic (coming soon). Teachers can even share audio questions with students!

  • Trending videos

    See which videos are proving popular with others

    Stumped for what to watch? Take a lead from others by seeing which videos are currently trending.

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