Structured video learning made easy

TuitionKit is a treasure trove of video-based tuition for learning core school subjects. But it's more than that; we have killer interactive tools to aid learning and teacher tools to help teachers interact with and track their students.

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Interactive features to help you learn

TuitionKit makes revision easy and friendly. A unique interactive and gamified environment eases you into your studies and rewards you at each step!

  • Badges

    Earn badges as you learn

    Get badges to mark your learning milestones

  • Courses & Schedules

    Arrange your learning through Courses and Learning Schedules

    A great way to organise your revision

  • Video Events

    Use in-video events such as questions and hints

    Create Video Events to set prompts and challenges for your students - or yourself

  • Conversations

    Conversations between students and teachers

    Students and teachers can communicate via our Conversations System

  • My Videos

    Import videos from YouTube to learn anything you like

    Import videos from YouTube and use them with our interactive learning features

  • Audio recording

    Record audio notes for your students (teachers only)

    Record audio notes direct from your mic (coming soon). Teachers can even share audio questions with students!

  • Trending videos

    See which videos are proving popular with others

    Stumped for what to watch? Take a lead from others by seeing which videos are currently trending.

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