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Some stats...

  • In April and May 2016 over 1,500 students were using TuitionKit for over an hour each night as part of their revision.
  • 100% of respondents to our questionnaire said that TuitionKit was a ‘great help’ and that they got the grades they wanted.
  • We currently have over 14,000 subscribers in 13 different countries!


TuitionKit has everything your school's students need to get ahead in their revision. But don't take our word for it...

TuitionKit is an excellent resource that encourages interaction and promotes progress through an easy to access 21st Century medium that has really helped our students learn from home.

David Blackley, Headteacher Home and Hospital School, Nottingham

TuitionKit is fully up to date, well-organised, clear and easy to use. It focuses on building key skills, a deep understanding and tracking progress.

Stephen Rowswell, Assistant Headteacher Fredrick Bremer School, London

TuitionKit has been a positive addition in regard to the process of using videos to support our class assessments. Having TuitionKit fitted in well with our own classroom resources.

John Partridge, Assistant Headteacher Minster School, Nottingham

Three reasons you'll love TuitionKit

  • Easy access

    With school-wide subscription packages, students can access our GCSE and A-Level materials from home, or elsewhere on a mobile device, or on their school computer. More frequent use and virtually no admin from the school!

  • Expert tuition

    The subjects we cover are GCSE Maths, English, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and A-Level Maths and Biology. Engage students with clear and precise expert content!

  • Flexibility

    Enhance the content provided within school, be it through video use in class, revision and study materials for students, flipped learning initiatives, assistance and lesson preparation materials for cover supervisors and expert help for those absent or in isolation.

Still not sure? Dive deeper

We prepared some guides for you to get a more detailed understanding of how TuitionKit works.

  • Key Summary Sheet

    This gives you a quick snapshot of all the key features that TuitionKit has and allows users to do.

  • Different Ways of Use

    This sheet is a great starting point for teachers who wish to use TuitionKit to help their students.

  • Different Levels of Use

    This sheet gives you considerations of the depth to which you can use TuitionKit. You may want to use a different level of features with different classes.

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