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Videos aren't there only to be watched; you can also mark them as favourites, watch later, download worksheets, add notes to help your revision, and more besides.

If you watch any video while logged in, you'll notice a blue bar to the side of or underneath the video player with a number of actions available to you. In this article we'll take a look at these actions.


The star button allows you to favourite a video. This is like adding bookmarks in a web browser, in that it saves the video in your account so you can quickly access it again later. This is done on the Dashboard, via the "Favourites" section.

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If you later decide you no longer want a favourited video to show up under Favourites, no problem - just go to it, and click the star button one more time. It will turn back to its original white to denote it is no longer a favourite.


The Notes feature is a really handy tool for storing your thoughts, comments and questions on a video as you watch it. You might want to then raise these with your teachers (or, if you're a teacher, with your students) later on when you see them.

To use it, just click the notepad button and an interface will pop up. Any notes you've previously saved on this video will appear in the text box ready for you to review or edit.

Once you've finished adding or editing your notes, just hit the "Save" button and the interface will go away and you'll be returned to the video. You can revisit a video's notes at any time.

Watch later

Sometimes you'll come across a video you like the look of but perhaps it's not the right time right now to watch it.

No problem! Hit the clock button to mark it as "watch later". As with favourited videos, videos marked watch later show up on your Dashboard, this time in the "Watch later" section.

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And as with favouriting, you can always unmark a video as watch later by going to it and clicking the button a second time.


Worksheets are downloadable PDF files that provide supplementary information on the video you're watching.

Not every video has a worksheet, but if it does you can access it by clicking the worksheets icon in the blue bar. This will bounce you further down the page to the cream-coloured Worksheets area underneath the video.

Here, any worksheets linked to the video will appear as clickable links. Click one, and you'll be prompted to view or download the worksheet (though depending on your device and web browser, rather than prompt, the worksheet may simply display.)

Video Events

Video Events are a big part of using the site effectively to get the most out of it. They allow you to set hints, comments or questions to pop up midway through a video at points designated by you.

From a video page, there are two ways to launch the Video Event creator wizard:

  1. Via the wand button
  2. Via the blue Video Events panel underneath the video (the "add an Event" button within it)

Clicking either of these will bring up the wizard.

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