Knowledgebase: Tracking your students' progress

It's super easy to keep track of how your students are using the site: which videos are they watching, and when? Which Video Events have they answered? And more.

With a teacher account you gain access to wealth of tools to track your students' progress across the site. In this tutorial we'll look at how to use these tools.

Important note: in this tutorial we discuss features covered in other Knowledgebase tutorials, and how you can use them to create content for students. We recommend checking out those tutorials first.

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See also: Creating Video Events

My students

The My Students area brings up an exhaustive list of the students associated with your account.

Students are associated with your account via the School Code you and they signed up with. If you're on a free teacher account, i.e. your school hasn't bought full access just yet, no problem - you'll have access to a set of dummy students so you can still get a feel for how you can interact with students when the time comes.

To access your students, real or dummy, head to your Dashboard and hit the "Account" link in the Dashboard's navigation area that runs across the top of the Dashboard horizontally.

That'll bump you down the page to the My Account area of the Dashboard. There you'll see an area to the right called "My users". Click the link that says "My students".

You'll end up on a page that looks like the picture above. This is your students page; from here you can view your students and track their progress.

Some cursory information is shown for each student including the date of their last login, current streak (i.e. how many times in succession they have logged in) and the number of unique videos they have watched (and how many times.)

But to really get to grips with a student's activity, click the orange "Show" button in the "Progress" column for a given student.

Viewing a student's Dashboard

Once you've selected a student and hit "Show", you'll be taken to that student's Dashboard. It'll look just like your own Dashboard, only you'll be seeing someone else's. (A cream-coloured notification at the top of the page confirms this.)

See also: Using the Dashboard

On here you can consult all the information you would on your own Dashboard. You can check the student's progress across different subjects by checking their progress wheels, for example.

Other areas of the student's Dashboard allow you to delve deeper and see their activity in two key areas.

Checking students' Courses and Schedules

See also: Creating a Course or Schedule

See also: Using Courses and Schedules

Ordinarily, if you scroll down your Dashboard to the Courses and Schedules area, you'll see your own Courses and Schedules, and clicking the orange "See all" button will take you to your Courses and Schedules page.

If you're viewing a student's Dashboard, however, you'll see their Courses and Schedules instead. You'll see both Courses and Schedules they've made themselves, and ones you made and shared with them.

This allows you to quickly check their progress and see which videos they've watched, and whether they did so on time, for example.

(Be sure to check out our Using Courses and Schedules tutorial - link above - if you're not sure how to use these and check video punctuality.)

Checking students' Video Event activity

See also: Creating Video Events

See also: Using Video Events

Just as with Courses and Schedules (above), you can also check students' performance in Video Events.

The steps are broadly the same; on the Dashboard, scroll down to the Video Events area and you'll see a summary of not your Events but the student's. Likewise, clicking the "See all" button takes you to the student's Video Events page, not yours.

From there, of particular interest is the bottom half of the page, which shows the answers they've submitted.

Click the orange "View all my answers" button and you'll be taken to an exhaustive list of all the answers they've ever submitted for any Events.

If you click any of the "View" links in the "Times answered" column, you'll see a history of the student's answers to the Video Event. (This is covered in the separate Using Video Events tutorial - link above.)

Remember also that any answers submitted by students to Video Events created by you, will be sent to you as an instant notification via the Conversations system. See our separate tutorial on that for more information.

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