Knowledgebase: Using Courses and Schedules

Once you've created your Course or Schedule it's all about watching the videos in the chosen timeframe. In this tutorial we take a look at how this works.

So you've created a Course or Schedule, or had one created for you by your teacher. Now we're going to look at how to use it.

Important note - we recommend reading the other Knowledgebase article on creating Courses and Schedules before this one. There, we introduce what Courses and Schedules are.

Opening your Course or Schedule

To get to your Course or Schedule click the "Courses and Schedules" option from the site's main navigation menu in the top right of any page.

That'll take you to your Courses and Schedules page, which shows all the Courses and Schedules you have access to (i.e. which were made by you or, if you're a school student, were made for you by your teacher.)

For both Courses (top) and Schedules (bottom) you'll see cursory information about each item, including the subject, number of videos and your progress bar (denoting how far through the Course or Schedule you are.) Click the orange "View" button to the right to go to it.

Using the Calendar interface

Once you've selected a Course or Schedule you'll be into its calendar-based interface.

At the top of the page you'll see cursory information about the current Course or Schedule, much like we saw in the table on the last page. To the top right you'll also see your Punctuality Score indicator, on which more later.

In the calendar itself, you'll see it's populated with videos for the days you (or your teacher) said you would be happy to study. Other days are blank.

Click any study day to view its videos; the current date, if it's part of the Course or Schedule, will already be expanded and its videos showing.

Each of that day's videos will be displayed, along with up to two pieces of information:

  • an indication of whether this video has yet been watched as part of this Course or Schedule, and if so, when (text underneath the video title)
  • an indication as to whether you're late watching it, or you watched it on time (coloured block to the right of the video) - this won't show yet if you're not late but haven't watched it yet

Watching a video

To watch a video as part of a Course or Schedule, simply click its title. That'll take you through to the video page, with a handy link above the video, "Back to Schedule", allowing you to easily get back to the Course or Schedule you came from.

It's not enough simply to visit a video; you have to watch (at least some of) it to register the watch as part of the Course or Schedule. Only then will it logged that you watched it, and contribute to your progress and Punctuality Score.

Punctuality Score

The Punctuality Score is a given for punctuality in watching the Course or Schedule's videos. It has no serious ramifications; it's just a way of keeping you or your students motivated to stay on track!

Points are awarded  as follows:

  • two points for watching a video on its allotted day (or early)
  • one point for watching a video one day late

No points are awarded for watching a video more than one day late.

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