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Video Events are a key way to get the most out of your subscription. They allow you to consolidate revision by popping up with hints or questions during a video.

Video Events are a big part of using the site effectively to get the most out of it. They allow you to set hints, comments or questions to pop up midway through a video at points designated by you.

This tutorial is all about creating Events, not viewing and using them, but we recommend starting with this one, as it's here that we introduce the concept of Events and discuss the different types.

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There are two ways to create Video Events.

The Video Event wizard

The Video Event creation wizard is available (providing you're signed in) from any video page. It is accessed in two ways:

  1. By clicking the wand button in the blue bar to the side of or underneath the video player
  2. By clicking the "Add event at {...}" button in the blue Video Events panel underneath the video player

Clicking either will begin the process of creating a Video Event at the current point in the video.

The creation wizard will appear as an overlay:

It takes you through the few steps involved in creating a Video Event. These steps are as follows:

Event name

Give your event a name. This is how it will be referenced throughout the site, for example on your Dashboard in the Video Events section.

It is also how the Event is referenced on the video page itself, in the blue Video Events panel underneath the video player.

Event type

Choose what type of Event you want to create. There are fourto choose from:

  1. Textual
  2. Multiple choice question
  3. Free-type question (teachers only)
  4. Free-type with audio (teachers only)

See below for a discussion on each of the Event types.

Share Event with students? (Teachers only)

If you're a teacher, you'll be given the option to share this Event with your students. This means you can create Events not only for yourself (e.g. for teacher training revision) but on behalf of your students.

Any Events shared with students will then appear on those students' Dashboards and in their Video Event areas.

If you choose to share, click the "select students" link to bring up the student selector wizard.

Select one or more students by clicking their rows (or clicking them a second time to deselect them). Once you've selected the students you wish to share with, click the grey close ("X") button at the top and you'll return to the Event creation wizard to continue.


Clicking the orange "Next" button in the bottom right of the wizard will take you to page two of the wizard. What you see here will depend on what type of Event you opted to create.

  • For a textual Event, you'll see a text field where you can type your hint or comment
  • For a multiple choice Event, you'll see an interface where you can set the question as well as the answer choices, as well as being able to choose which answer choices are correct
  • For free-type questions (teachers only), you'll see a text field where you can set the question students should answer

Saving the Event

Once you've finished configuring your event, click the orange "Save" button to close the wizard and save your Event. The page will then refresh and your video will resume at the point you stopped it to create the Event.

From then on, the Event you created will manifest in various places:

  1. As a clickable orange dot along the timeline of the video
  2. In the blue "Video Events" panel underneath the video
  3. In the Video Events section of the site

See also: Using Video Events

Textual Events

Textual events are hints and comments. Use these as pointers at certain parts of the video. For example, in a video on trigonometry, at the point when the tutor talks about the hypotenuse, a good textual Event might be "Remember this is the longest side of the triangle!"

Once you get to page two of the Event creation wizard, you'll be presented with a large text area where you can type the hint or comment that should pop up.

Multiple choice Events

Multiple choice questions do what they say on the tin: they allow you to create questions that have several answer choices, one or more of which is denoted as being correct.

Once you get to page two of the Event creation wizard you'll be presented with an interface that allows you to set your question and its answers.

Enter the question text in the top text field. The six smaller ones below are where you'll put your answer choices. (You don't have to use all of them.)

You must denote at least one of the filled in answer choices as being correct. This is done by clicking the grey checkboxes next to the text fields. A green tick will appear once you do (you can click it again to deselect it if required.)

Free-type Events

Free-type Events (available to teachers only) allow you to give your students the freedom to type an answer to a question.

These are particularly useful for English, for example, where students are required to write creatively rather than provide set answers.

For example, in a video on The Woman in Black (English Literature), a good free-type question might be "Explain some of the techniques the author uses to convey gloom and dread in the old house."

Free-type Events with audio

These work the same as Free-type Events, and as such are available to teachers only, but with the difference that you can record an audio question direct from your microphone, provided you have one connected and working.

Tracking students' answers

If you're a teacher, you can track students' submitted answers to multiple choice and free-type Video Events. Any answers they submit are conveyed to you instantly via the site's Conversations facility.

See also: Using Video Events

Using the Bulk Video Event Creator (teachers only)

Another way to make Video Events, and a great way to make multiple Events in one go, is via the Bulk Creator. This is available to teachers only, and is accessed via your Dashboard's Video Events area. Click the orange "Create Event" button.

This will take you to a page that looks like this:

Note that this tool is best for adding multiple Events at once; for creating single Events, we recommend creating via the Video Event Wizard on a video page, as described earlier in this article.

The interface offered gives you all the control of the wizard, but is presented in such a way as to allow the quick creation of multiple Events.

The only difference is the addition of the "Timestamp" field. Here, you'll enter the point in the video that the Event should pop up, in the format Mm Ss, e.g. for five minutes and 31 seconds, you'd enter "5m 31s".

(When creating an Event via the Wizard on a video page, you don't have to enter a timestamp because the system created the Event at the point that the video was interrupted.)

Once you've filled out the form either hit the orange "Save" button or, to create another Event, hit the "Add another Event" button instead. In this way you can quickly create multiple Events.

As with the Wizard means of creating individual Events, the bulk creator allows you to share with students. The mechanism is identical to that described earlier in this article for the Wizard - just choose "Yes" or "No" and, if "Yes", click the "Select students" link and you'll be given a pop-up in where you can select the students with whom you wish to share the Event(s) you're creating.

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