Behind the Scenes

  • Leon Hady

    Leon Hady is a former Headteacher of an Outstanding school in the UK. Before that, he was a passionate English teacher working in inner-city schools.

    Having made hundreds of Youtube videos in the early days of Youtube for ed-tech days of 2009, Leon began looking at other avenues for teaching as many people as possible.

    Leon loves to learn and followed his BA with an MA a PgDipEd, another MA and an NPQH. When not trying to give better education to the world Leon can be found trying to do everything creative he possibly can at:

    • Favourite condiment?

      BBQ sauce

    • Dinner guest?

      Neil deGrasse Tyson

  • Blair Robertson

    Blair has extensive experience managing education programmes within the further education sector where he worked initially as a teacher before becoming a Curriculum Manager responsible for three busy adult education centres in Nottingham, Leicester, and Derby.

    Blair is an e-learning enthusiast and has a particular focus on using technology and innovative approaches to bring new skills to adult learners in order to help them enrich their daily lives and achieve their personal goals.

    A keen artist, designer, and musician, Blair can often be found attempting to fuse all three disciplines together for his own personal amusement.

    • Favourite condiment?

      Balsamic vinegar

    • Dinner guest?

      David Lynch

  • Andrew Croxall

    Andrew Croxall is TuitionKit's resident web wizard. He built the site and its functionality, and has been with the project since 2015.

    Andrew has worked in senior development positions in a variety of places including London and, during a four-year stint in Russia. He is an active helper on the programmers' Q&A website Stack Overflow and has written several articles in industry press.

    A classical pianist by education and lover of electronic music, Andrew swam 175 miles in 2016, arms only, to raise money for needy horses and donkeys. "It was something to do," he says.

    • Favourite condiment?

      Sandwich pickle

    • Dinner guest?

      Dmitry Shostakovich

  • Maria Ichetkina

    Maria Ichetkina - known to all as Masha - is part of the web development team with mobile and responsive web being her particular speciality.

    That TuitionKit works seamlessly on both your desktop monitor and your tiny phone screen, is entirely down to her.

    Masha hails from the city of Nizhny Novgorod (formerly known as Gorky) in Russia, and moved to the UK in 2009. She is active in a number of projects and has worked as a web developer in London.

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    • Dinner guest?

      Yuri Gagarin

  • Sercan Caktu

    Sercan Caktu is a multi-talented, multi-lingual, multimedia master, speaking English, Chinese, Turkish, French and German.

    Sercan found it easy to work his way into the logic-based rules of coding, but his passion lies in editing and creating producing educational content through video which has been used in schools all over the world. A keen boxer and avid gamer, when not at a computer, Sercan can be found sparring with more energy than an energiser bunny in many a London gym!

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    • Dinner guest?

      Joe Louis

On the Screen

  • Jonathan Hicks

    Jonathan Hicks is an expert maths teacher with a first-class Maths degree from Nottingham University. Jonathan is also a master pianist, an Aikido black belt and when not teaching or tutoring he can be found leading a board game revolution at The Dice Cup board game cafe.

    Jonathan's Youtube channel has had millions of views and is used by people all over the world.

    • Favourite condiment?

      BBQ sauce

    • Dinner guest?

      Hugh Laurie

  • Andrew Bruff

    Andrew Bruff is passionate about providing students everywhere with the very best education. He began making online revision videos in January 2011 and to date has achieved over 19 million views across 212 different nations.

    Thousands of messages of support and praise have flooded in from across the globe, making it clear that Mr Bruff’s videos are helping students across the world to achieve their highest potential.

    He now spends much of his time travelling the UK, working as an educational consultant in schools.

    You can access Mr Bruff's website at  and see Mr Bruff in the press here.

    • Favourite condiment?

      Tomato ketchup

    • Dinner guest?

      Robert De Niro

  • Michael Scott

    Michael Scott is an expert Science teacher who plys his trade in a range of schools he feels need it most.

    Passionate about helping the underprivileged, Michael has stayed away from senior management and consultancy roles to continue to work as a front-facing teacher in some of Nottingham’s most challenging schools along with his on-going youth work and church groups.

    An extremely hands-on practitioner, when not making a difference in schools, Michael can be found working with churches.

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    • Dinner guest?

      Jacques Villeneuve

  • Primrose Kitten

    The team behind Primrose Kitten are Jen (human, teacher, specialises in making really complicated topics seem easy) and Primrose (feline, super cute, specialises in getting under feet and knocking things off desks).

    Teaming up to help combat the shortage in science and maths teachers; to enable students to learn at their own pace, in their own style and to help students show how awesome they are no matter what their circumstance.

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    • Dinner guest?

      Coco Chanel

  • Michael Guard

    Michael is a Deputy Principal and Head of English with over a decade’s worth of experience at getting students to achieve full marks in their exams.

    He started his Youtube channel in 2014 with the hope of helping as many people as possible pass their exams. His videos expertly explore the mark schemes, methods and then demonstrate how that equates into the perfect answer.

    A keen sportsman, when not teaching and making videos he can be found completing great feats of strength in his local gym. Including holding doors open and lifting gym bag into his locker!

    Truth be told Michael enjoys nothing more than working on his FIFA ultimate team and playing Lego with his daughter.

    • Favourite condiment?

      BBQ sauce

    • Dinner guest?

      Sir Alex Ferguson

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